We created a streamlined experience that bridges the gap between traditonal auction houses and claim sales.

Step 1

We upload seller's item photos and information into one of our auctions after they have been vetted and filled out documentation

Step 2

We heavily market the auction to our trusted buyer pool using social media, email and targeted marketing. Now let the bids roll in

Winning should be easy

We built an extremely simplified yet effective platform that makes it fair for all buyers to win. No sniping here with our extended bid time rules and you can either place an exact amount bid or proxy bid.

Monthly 10-day auctions

  • We strategically analyze the best day and time of each auction to optimize sellers results.
  • We feel that 7 days is just too short and 30 days is too long, so we run a focused 10 day long auction to allow for a balance between speed and marketing time.
  • Every auction is curated and focused, we never will list more then 50 items in each auction which means your items get the spotlight everytime.