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Our main goal is to connect buyers & sellers of collectibles with an economical auction solution

We believe we have accomplished that goal, see what separates us from the rest.

Peer To Peer Transactions

We are committed to ensuring a secure and professional environment for all our users. While our platform facilitates peer-to-peer payment and shipping, enhancing community engagement, we place a strong emphasis on verifying all sellers thoroughly. This is to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of every transaction on our platform. We require prompt payments from buyers and secure, insured, and signature-required shipping from sellers. Our policy is to only accept our commission when both parties are satisfied, guaranteeing the completion of each transaction to the highest standard.

You Pay What You Bid

At PeerBid Auctions, we are committed to transparency and fairness in our pricing structure. We proudly offer a 0% buyer’s premium, ensuring that what you bid is exactly what you pay, with no hidden fees. This straightforward approach ensures that the winning bid amount is the total cost to you, the buyer, reinforcing our dedication to providing a clear and honest auction experience. We believe this policy not only simplifies the bidding process but also fosters trust and integrity within our collector community.

Minimal Seller Fees

We’re dedicated to maximizing your returns as a seller, which is why we offer a highly competitive fee structure. With a flat 5% seller fee and a modest $20.00 per item listing fee, we’ve streamlined our charges to ensure that more of the sale proceeds end up in your pocket. This approach stems from our commitment to minimizing overhead costs, providing an effective auction solution that prioritizes your financial benefit. We believe that our straightforward and economical fee model is key to a rewarding and successful selling experience on our platform.

Vintage Comic Books

We specialize in vintage comic books from 1934-1972. These aren't just kids cartoon books; they're portals to the past, showcasing iconic heroes and legendary tales and masterful artist.

Pulp Magazines

Dive into the gritty, sensational world of pulp magazines, where vivid tales of mystery, adventure, and romance leap off every page. These classic pulps are a collector's delight, offering a nostalgic glimpse into the bold storytelling and striking artwork of a bygone era.

Original Artwork

Original  artwork is a captivating fusion of imagination and craftsmanship, bringing to life vivid scenes and characters with each masterful stroke. It's a visual symphony, where the artist's vision and skill harmoniously create a unique, enchanting world on canvas or paper.

We are collectors, we built this for us.

Real Collectors, Real Stories

“My experience with PeerBid Auctions has been nothing short of a revelation in the auction industry. Combining low fees with a strong community focus, PeerBid stands out for its curated, collector-to-collector approach, bringing a unique and personal touch to the auction world. The convenience of accessing a wide array of books in one place and engaging in auctions tailored for collectors is incredibly refreshing. I’m genuinely excited about PeerBid’s future in reshaping the auction experience, bringing a new level of engagement and fairness to the collectibles community.”

Mark Owens @norrin_radd_surfs

“I have had the opportunity to observe the development and growth of PeerBid and the team behind it and I am thoroughly impressed. The dedication and innovative spirit of the team behind this platform is remarkable. Their clear vision for creating a user-friendly, cost-effective auction platform for collectors is not only a breath of fresh air in the industry, but also a testament to their commitment to community and accessibility. I fully expect great things from PeerBid. Their approach to simplifying and enriching the auction process shows immense potential for transforming the way we engage with collectibles. I am excited to see how they will continue to revolutionize space with their passion and ingenuity.”

Sean Cleveland

“PeerBid has revolutionized the way I buy and sell pulp magazines. Their platform is a game-changer, offering an intuitive, user-friendly experience that connects me with a network of passionate collectors. The low fees and streamlined process have significantly increased the accessibility and profitability of trading in these unique and historical treasures. Thanks to PeerBid, I’ve been able to discover rare finds and reach a wider audience for my collection. They’re not just facilitating transactions; they’re rejuvenating the pulp magazine community with innovation and enthusiasm.”

Matt McCauley @Rarepulps